Alternative Sexuality In Advertising

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Earlier today I was listening to a Pandora mix I entitled “Flog Me, I’m Irish” and an advertisement said, “Why be monogamous with your sound selection?” Which I thought was pretty cool, until it went on to imply that the opposite of monogamy is promiscuity, a word which has some pretty negative connotations of indiscriminate sex.

Then I was watching a YouTube video and saw a little animated ad of a guy using a back scrubber to put Axe body wash on, which cross-faded into a girl draping a flogger over her back.

It then went on to say “The cleaner you are, the dirtier you get.” If only the flogger she had weren’t so crappy.

3 Comments to “Alternative Sexuality In Advertising”
  1. So weird seeing BDSM going mainstream. Do vanilla people watching this commercial even know what a flogger is? Who wears Axe – teenage boys? Is that who this commercial is targeting?

  2. Capn Marrrrk says:

    So does this mean that every boy who uses Axe is actually a secret woman who flogs herself? Who greenlit this ad?

  3. Sammael says:

    Agreed on both counts. I have no idea what message this ad was trying to get across, other than (poorly) trying to set up a link between Axe body wash and hot kinky women.

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